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Archive - Archive 2004 - July 2013

Ministerial appreciation for Hungarian poet and researcher | 28 June 2013

Ministerial appreciation for Hungarian poet and researcher

Károly Sándor PallaiA PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (Hungary),  Károly Sándor Pallai dedicates his research to the contemporary francophone literatures of the Caribbean, the Pacific and especially of the Indian Ocean.

Focusing on the intercultural and interdisciplinary, he publishes articles on the literature of the Seychelles, Martinique, Mauritius, on the enriching relations between system theory, natural sciences (quantum physics), philosophy, psychology and literature. He’s a member of several international scholarly societies (Mauritius, United States, Australia, France).

He carries out all his projects with the constant help, encouragement and support of his model and friend, the internationally renowned poetess of the Seychelles, Magie Faure-Vidot. When he started his research on the contemporary literatures of the Indian Ocean, he realised that the analysis of the Seychellois literature is quasi-inexistent in the scientific discourse worldwide. He decided to devote a considerable part of his doctoral dissertation and of his researches to the Seychelles, to be its "cultural ambassador”.

It was with this intention that he has created an electronic review of literature and arts, founded a small publishing house and started publishing scholarly articles on the literature of the Seychelles.

He is the conceptor, co-founder and co-editor in chief (with Magie) of the international electronic review of literary creation and theory Vents Alizés, created to assure an open access diffusion to the literatures of the oceans.

The primary aim of the review is to establish and nourish lively contacts between the oceanic regions of the French language and to publish the authors of the Seychelles in order to create a lively literary atmosphere of exchange and mutual enrichment.

He’s also the creator (with Magie) and founding director of the publishing house Edisyon Losean Endyen. Engaged for the diversity of imaginaries, heritages and for innovation, Edisyon Losean Endyen was created to improve the accessibility of the literary production of the Indian Ocean, especially of the Seychelles. He’s the only foreign member of the editorial board of the Seychellois literary review Sipay.

He writes and publishes poetry in French, English, Seychellois Creole, Hungarian and Spanish. His collection of poems, Soleils invincibles was published in 2012, his play, Mangeurs d’anémones in 2013 (Éditions Arthée). As for Creole, he immediately fell in love with the language and he hopes to continue writing poems and publishing a collection of poems in Seychellois Creole someday. He has also published a research article in Creole and realised that a huge part of the specialised vocabulary of literary theory, philosophy and psychology doesn’t exist. With the help of Marie Flora BenDavid-Nourrice, he has started to create the missing terms and he is engaged in enriching the Seychellois Creole in order to make possible the creation of a scientific discourse in Creole.

In acknowledgement of his theoretical, poetical and editorial work, he has been chosen among the « 50 Young Hungarian Talents » by the La femme magazine. In 2013, his poem « Elle. Seule » was chosen to participate at the international poetry festival Woman Scream (in collaboration with the French artist Sophie Lartaud Brassart).

He sincerely hopes to continue his work in order to make the Seychellois literature, culture and arts more visible, more available and more well-known worldwide.



Károly Sándor Pallai
Poem by Károly Sándor Pallai

Mon lespri e lanm zot viv dan pasaz eternel lo larout soley, lans,
dan brouyar zetwal, loror e transandans.
Sak batman leker i rezireksyon mil lekor oubliye,
tekstir gomon lanmour, lim bann lilo e bannsab reve.
Nou travers mirwar lesyel pour ateny lankriye nou lavi,
pour filtre e transkrir veki ibride, flanbwayan imaziner, lafwa an filozofi.

Rekonsilye lapel bann syek, destin endividyel, krwayans, dezir,
aprofondi konnesans, anbras realite poetik, insilarite imen, antite ki nou transfigir.
Redimansyonnen nou apreansyon (appréhension) pour konpran reinyon entarisab,
nou rapor endisolib, enterpret nou pliralite entern, lototransformasyon realizab.
I nou prozeksyon eksteryer paragraf enfini linite ontolozik, konseptyel,
manifestasyon miryad zimaz selest (célestes), rezireksyon permanan eternel.

Lanmer Dezenn, losean ini e miltip bann lepep, nasyon istorik, renesans milener,
ou bezwen kontiny reini bann vizyon alternativ, lanrisisman nouvo lalin, tou kwen lo later.
Donn nou konsevwar striktir kiltirel, egzistansyel, idantiter dan loptik larises partaze,
miz an dyalog paradigm sengilyarite, lalterite dan rekomansman perpetyel, dan leternite.

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