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UCPS launches Spirit of Ton Joe, rewards long-serving employees | 14 May 2015

Praslinois and Diguois will soon be able to purchase United Concrete Products (Seychelles) Ltd crusher products at the same prices they are sold on Mahe now that the company has purchased its own landing craft.

The United Concrete Products (Seychelles) Ltd (UCPS) launched its newest acquisition, the landing craft named Spirit of Ton Joe at the New Port in Victoria on Tuesday evening under the slogan ‘Spirit of Ton Joe Anchors Away Evening’.

It was blessed by bishops Denis Wiehe of the Roman Catholic and James R. Wong Yin Song of the Church of England.

The landing craft has been described as a legacy the chairman of the company, Joseph ‘Joe’ Albert, is leaving behind.
The event was also an occasion to reward 22 staff of the company with more than 15 years of service.

Herve Goblet is the longest serving staff with 45 years of service. He has been with UCPS since its inception in 1970 and was chosen as the godfather of Spirit of Ton Joe.

UCPS human resources manager Kevin Perrin said the company is 100 percent Seychellois and it strives for excellence in its services and at the same time maintain a high standard.

Explaining the raison-d’être behind the landing craft’s name Spirit of Ton Joe, UCPS chairman Joe Albert said: “I want to leave something to connect the three islands – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue – after my departure. What better thing to leave but our spirit.”

He said the landing craft will transport construction materials like cement, crusher dust to name some, from Mahe to the other islands.
Mr Albert described the event as a milestone in the development of the Seychelles islands.

In a congratulatory message, Foreign Affairs and Transport Minister Joël Morgan thanked the management and all employees of UCPS for their latest investment and addition.

He said UCPS having been launched in 1970, is today adding to its capabilities this wonderful new craft which will enable it to better serve its clientele.
“The investment of this craft, built in Malaysia, is testament to both the splendid growth and forward planning of UCPS, and as well a confirmation that Seychelles is a place to do business in and succeed,” he said.

The UCPS flag, said the minister, will soon be seen between our islands on the Spirit of Ton Joe.

“Aptly named for, it is the spirit and the vision of Mr Joe Albert, that today we witness and welcome this benevolent spirit, this vessel to the Seychelles.  Well done UCPS! Our congratulations!” the minister concluded.

Gregory Albert, the general manager of UCPS, said his company has since 1970 been at the forefront of construction in Seychelles.

With a demanding clientele with high expectations of quality and services yet for cheaper prices, among other factors, UCPS has found itself having to re-look at its strategy in order to adapt to these new environment.

Gregory Albert said with so many developments happening on the other islands, UCPS felt it should ensure the availability of its products as marine transportation is not always available at times.

He added that UCPS wanted to go a step further and make available its pre-cast products to individuals on Praslin and La Digue for the same price as on Mahe and re-adjust the transport price for blocks and crusher products for La Digue.

He also thanked the government and other stakeholders for making this happen. Construction on the Spirit of Ton Joe landing craft started in May 2014. With a bunk cargo capacity of 350 tons it arrived in Port Victoria on April 27, 2015.


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