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Archive - Election

National Assembly election - The 25 directly elected MNAs | 12 September 2016

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa has won a majority in the National Assembly with 15 direct seats while Parti Lepep got 10.

Both parties also got four proportional seats and they are yet to name their proportionally elected members.

This means Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) will have 19 members and Parti Lepep (PL) 14, meaning the National Assembly will have 33 members.

The Seychelles Patriotic Movement did not win any seat just like the three independent candidates – Danny Sopha (Anse Aux Pins), Ralph Volcère (Au Cap) and Georgie Prudence (Mont Buxton).


Clifford André (LDS)

Anse Aux Pins

Patrick Pillay (LDS)

Anse Boileau

Ahmed Afif (LDS)

Anse Etoile

 Sylvanne Lemiel (PL)

Anse Royale

Stephen Pillay (LDS)

Au Cap


François Adelaide (LDS)

Baie Lazare


Churchill Gill (PL)

Baie Ste Anne


John Hoareau (LDS)

Beau Vallon


Norbert Loizeau (LDS)

Bel Air


Nicholas Prea (LDS)

Bel Ombre


Charles De Commarmond (PL)



Wilbert Herminie (PL)

English River


Regina Esparon (LDS)



Waven William (PL)

Grand Anse Mahé


Wavel Woodcock (LDS)

Grand Anse Praslin


Noline Sophola (PL)

Inner Islands


Bernard Georges (LDS)

Les Mamelles


Gervais Henrie (LDS)

Mont Buxton


Gervais Henrie (LDS)

Mont Buxton


Jean-François Ferrari (LDS)

Mont Fleuri


Clive Roucou (LDS)



Jude Valmont (PL)

Pointe Larue


Clifford Aglaé (PL)

Port Glaud


Audrey Vidot (PL)

Roche Caïman


Sandy Arrisol (LDS)

St Louis


Paul Ernesta (PL)






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