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Club Liberte Casino - Dealers attend refresher course | 27 May 2017


In Seychelles going to a Casino for entertainment nowadays has become very wide spread. Many people enjoy casinos as an optional entertainment and it’s not necessarily for a night of gambling. A time spent in a casino can be about enjoying live music, special menus, watching live football matches on large TV screens, promotions or just play for fun theme nights.

Whatever the reason for going to a casino, quite often the main person in the casino is a casino dealer, or croupier.

Club Liberte Casino recently conducted a casino dealer’s refresher course for selected candidates; more than 10 trainees applied for the dealer’s post, with the best seven being chosen and offered a job as a Dealer.

Club Liberte Casino had specially brought in Jenni Lake, a South African professional casino trainer, to be in charge of the refresher course. Ms Lake has been a Casino Trainer for over 40 years and has a reputation for training  top quality Casino Dealers.

Initially Club Liberte Casino was looking for dealers for only blackjack and poker, but as the trainees showed great potential, they were re-trained on roulette and now deal all the major games.

One of the candidates who did not qualify as a Dealer was employed as a Host as she had such good customer service and will later be given additional training as a Dealer and will then be reassigned as a Dealer.

The new team of Dealers have already started their duties; settling into the routine very quickly and adapting to the new work environment and the system which has been designed for the place.

Club Liberte Casino seeks motivated and inspired staff and aim to give as many opportunities as possible for those who wish to develop and grow in their careers and in keeping with their ethics Club Liberte Casino strives to offer career opportunities for young Seychellois who are looking for new challenges and maybe a career for life.

Being the first international casino in Seychelles, Club Liberte Casino believes that the spirit of the Seychelles comes from its people, with many tourists enjoying the warmth and friendship of the Seychellois, and who will remember their visit with fondness long after they have returned to their homes.








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