President Michel appoints new SFA board-Sylvestre Radegonde chairman


Mr Sylvestre Radegonde, who is the principal secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the chairman of the new board.

Other members are Mr Rondolph Payet, SFA’s managing director; Mr Philippe Michaud, adviser, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources; Mr Wilton Ernesta, the director general of Port and Marine Services;  Mr Ronny Govinden, Senior State Counsel; Mr Brian Commettant, economist at the Central Bank of Seychelles; and Mr David Ardill, the former secretary general of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission.

Mr Philippe Michaud, who remains a member of the SFA board, has been transferred to the post of technical adviser to the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources (MENR).

The outgoing SFA chairman, Mr Glenny Savy, will head a new Fisheries Advisory Council that will soon be appointed by the MENR Minister.

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