Price reduction at SMB-Third list of price drop


Shoppers may already have noticed that Handy Andy detergents, canned tomatoes, Persil Auto washing powder and scouring pads are now cheaper in the SMB supermarket and franchise shops. 
The latest price reduction list is made up of:


Handy Andy Lemon 750 ml from SR12.20 to SR10.50.
Handy Andy Ammonia 750ml from SR12.20 to SR10.50.

Canned Vegetables

Anna Tomato paste 400gm from SR6.50 to SR4.25.
Anna Tomato paste 70gms from SR0.95 to SR0.85.
Anna Whole peeled tomatoes 800gms from SR7.40 to SR6.50.
Anna Whole peeled tomatoes 400gms from SR3.40 to SR3.25.

Washing powder

Persil Auto washing powder 5kgs from SR106.80 to SR97.25.
Persil Auto washing powder 3kgs from SR77.70 to SR63.00.

Scouring Pads

Brillo scouring pads x 10’s from SR12.15 to SR 11.00

These are goods imported by SMB.
The national trading company, whose main role is to anchor prices and maintain stocks of essential commodities, has said it will continue the price reduction exercise as part of President James Michel’s campaign to bring down the cost of living.
Price drop on other items is expected this week.

Another exercise will be conducted by SMB in September to bring prices down further.

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