MLUH refutes allegation of unfairness, lack of transparency in sale of state land


“The ministry would like to state that these allegations are untrue and unfounded,” it said in a communiqué.

The ministry was responding to a Regar article in its edition of July 9, 2004 in which the newspaper stated that the transactions undertaken by Government in relation to the sale of state land at Roche Caiman had not been undertaken in a fair and transparent manner.

“Contrary to what has been stated in the article, there were only five residential plots in that particular area and the ministry would like to confirm that allocation of these plots have been done as per its usual land bank procedures, i.e. after having lodged their application, applicants are assisted based on their priority rating on their respective district list,” the communiqué said.

Noting that the Regar newspaper had not at any time contacted MLUH formally to seek clarification on that matter, the communiqué described the article as “irresponsible journalism aimed at destroying public confidence in the fairness of the procedures for land-bank allocation”.

“The ministry would like to take this opportunity to affirm to the public that all transactions relating to sale of state land are conducted in all fairness and transparency and in line with established land-bank allocation procedures,” the communiqué added.


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