Public Service Day Monday July 19-Let's shine brighter


The government or its parastatals pay us more or less at a steady rate without pegging our daily remuneration strictly on how well we perform on a particular day as would some businesses.

As Seychelles marks the second Public Service Day under the theme "Service to the public," on Monday, the Ministry of Administration and Manpower Development (MAMD) hopes to launch several award schemes to reward good performers.

The physical rewards aside, it should be quite gratifying to know that we deserve what we earn and can, if we try harder, excel in what we do.
Obviously not every one of us will clinch the top awards, but even being shortlisted for one or coming up as a runner up will send the same message – that we do make an effort in our work.

By the same token, those who couldn't be bothered enough to serve the public well will be noticed more prominently and hopefully get whatever demerits they deserve.
Meanwhile, for those who believe they do well, this will surely be their chance to shine and be counted, so let's all go for it!

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