SMB announces price reduction on more items


This the fourth list of price reductions announced by the Seychelles Marketing Board in two weeks, after President James A. Michel announced in his National Day Address on June 18 that he had instructed SMB to revise downwards the prices of goods it imported.

One of the preoccupations of President Michel is the implementation of measures to lower the cost of living. He wants SMB to return to its original role of anchoring prices and ensuring the availability of essential commodities.

There will be a new price reduction exercise in September, as announced in the National Day Address. Further drop in prices will accompany the lowering of trades tax in January 2005.

The latest list of price reductions are as follows:


Holland Garden Jams (Pineapple/Strawberry/Apricot/Cherry/Mix fruit) 450gms from SR15.10 to SR10.00.


All Gold Orange Seville Marmalade 450ml from SR15.10 to SR12.00.
Holland Garden Orange Sweet Marmalade 450ml from SR15.10 to SR10.00.


Huggies Step 1 Newborn (6/28’s) from SR44.75 to SR38.55.
Huggies Step 2 Small (8/22’s) from SR36.80 to SR34.00.
Huggies Step 3 Medium (8/20’s) from SR37.80 to SR35.00.
Huggies Step 4 Large (8/17’s) from SR36.35 to SR33.00.
Huggies Step 5 Extra Large (8/15’s) from SR35.00 to SR32.00.

Incontinence pads (Adult Diapers)

Control Plus Adult Diapers Large (6/10’s) from SR50.90 to SR44.00.
Control Plus Adult Diapers Medium (10/10’s) from SR42.50 to SR37.50.

Body care

Vaseline Intensive Care (Vitamin E/ Aloe Vera) 200ml from SR11.90 to SR9.50.
Vaseline Intensive Care (Vitamin E/ Aloe Vera /Regular) 400ml from SR18.05 to SR16.50.

Fabric softener

Sta Soft Spring Fresh 400ml from SR7.40 to SR6.50.
Sta Soft refills 500ml from SR13.60 to SR11.75.


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