Why? Peter Zatte asks

17-July-2004 But for Peter Zatte, who has just released his debut album entitled Why? this does not worry him. Instead, he has been encouraged to produce what he has described as a much better album, which would give people value for their money.

The eight-track album, already on sale at usual outlets on Mahe and Praslin, includes songs like Bouz Sa, Don’t Cry, Kote Lanmour In Ale, Mwa Esper Ou, Thanks and Praises, Do U Love Me and Hold Hands. The Do U Love Me and Hold Hands tracks feature Paul Mémé, a member of the Praslin-based Island Vibrations band.

Peter, who is originally from Mahe, has for the last six years made Praslin his home. Though he is a member of Island Vibrations, he also performs solo in hotels.

According to Peter, he has opted for a CD featuring songs both in English and Creole so that tourists can understand some, if not all the songs.

His songs highlight themes from everyday life situations, especially love.
Peter received help from musicians like Bertin Thelemaque, Tony Accouche, Eddy Thelemaque, Cyril Vital while backing vocals was done by young, up-and-coming Mina Tamboo.

Peter, who has been playing music in bands for 20 years now, said that he started his musical career with the Sunshine band.
He said that the experience acquired over the 20 years in music has inspired him to produce a good CD. 

The CD, which comes with its lyrics, was recorded and mixed at Relation Studio, La Misère.
Why? costs R125 but those who buy the CD from Peter will pay a reduced price.

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