U-First launches kids competitions


The four competitions will be in poetry, drawing, song and drama and the participating school kids will be expected to base their entries on the 2004 U-First theme of "Responsible Tourism."

"The idea is to sensitise the students to the importance of being responsible in the tourism industry. Through sensitising them we hope to sensitise the whole public," said Monia Delpech, Coordinator of the Ministry of Education and Youth's (MEY) Co-curricular Unit.

According to Mrs Delpech the competitions are designed to reinforce the idea that everybody in the country has a part to play in the tourism industry, not just the people working directly with tourists.

"We must start in our own country and having the clubs in schools is one way, because the students take the ideas home with them."

The competitions will each be split into a range of age categories with prizes to be awarded to the winners in each.

The U-First clubs meet once a week and each club arranges its own programme of activities which include tourism industry site visits, competitions and helping around the school.

The deadline for entries is July 30 and full details of the competitions can be obtained from the Co-curricular Unit, ECA/PE Section, Ministry of Education and Youth.


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