Small Enterprise Promotion Agency-Lucy Athanasius appointed managing director


Mrs Athanasius’ appointment took effect on July 8, 2004 and her offices will be based at the Camion Hall Building in Victoria. The correspondence address is P.O. Box 537, telephone 323151.

Mrs Athanasius was until recently the director-general of the Seychelles Institute of Management. She has previously managed several small businesses including Cosmorama and Ernest C. Athanasius Funeral Services, she has experience in tourism and marketing, including working for the Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority (STMA) and the Southern Sun group of hotels in Seychelles.

It was in May this year that the National Assembly endorsed the Bill seeking the establishment of SEnPA, following the dissolution of the Seychelles Industrial Development Corporation (Sidec).

The principal objectives of the new agency are to implement the policy and strategies pertaining to craft and cottage industries, guide the development and maintenance of infrastructure as well as provide training and assistance in business matters to small entrepreneurs.

SEnPA will also be responsible for the management of micro-enterprise centre projects and to identify obstacles to the sustainable development of small enterprises, craft and cottage industries and to propose solutions.

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