Two more FM transmitters commissioned


BBC will be available on 105.6 mega Hertz, while the frequency for Radio France from the new transmitter is 103.2 mega Hertz.

The SBC says the new transmitters targets listeners in South Mahe.
The transmitter carrying the BBC signal will be operating on 30 watts for the moment, although SBC says it plans to increase this to 250 Watts at a later time. The RFI service is already operating on 250 Watts and will be noticeably better.

With the transmitters coming online, BBC, Radio France and SBC's Paradise FM are available from all the current FM transmitter sites operated by SBC.

The SBC says it welcomes feedback about reception from listeners and in particular those who are receiving the new services for the first time, as well as those who are unable to pick up any of the FM radio services.

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