Shock alarms foil robbery attempt at Orion Mall


According to the co-owner of the boutique, Mr Royce Dick, thieves attempted to break into the one-month old shop on Sunday July 18, at around 6.30 in the evening. They managed to force open the door using a sharp tool, possibly a screwdriver, according to Mr Dick, but couldn't get any futher, as the alarms were automatically set off, alerting officers at Pilgrims Security, the company which monitors the security system at the shop. Pilgrims officers arrived promptly on the scene and notified the Police.

Describing the incident as very alarming, Mr Dick said the fact that they had tried to break in from the front of the building, which is more in the public eyes and at such a time of the day, showed that thieves were becoming more daring. 

Fortunately, he said, the company has invested in a sophisticated shock alarms system that is set off with the mere gesture of rattling the shop's windows. The sound made by the alarms, Mr Dick said, is also not that kind to the ears.

The company will be investing in a more secure lock system for the door, but Mr Dick said more patrols by the police in town and a better security system to protect the whole shopping mall, would also help to deter such incidents from happening.

This is not the first time that thieves had attempted to break in the shops at Orion Mall, which is in itself a fairly new shopping centre in town. But the installation of downright security features like the heavy metallic shutters or burglars' bars are not ideal options, according to Mr Dick, as they are not compatible with the new kind of presentation and standard being promoted at the Mall.

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