Setting up of Joint Economic Council (JEC)-JEC to build on public/private sector partnership


Nine representatives on the JEC are from the government. The private sector has eleven members on the Council.

The government representatives on the JEC are President James Michel, Vice-President Joseph Belmont, Minister Jacquelin Dugasse, Minister Ronnie Jumeau, Mr Alain Butler-Payette, Mr Francis Chang Leng, Mrs Marja McGaw, Mr Hans Aglae and Mr Joseph Nourrice.

The private sector members are Mr Albert Payet, Mr Walter Labrosse, Mr Louis d’Offay, Mr Jean Weeling, Mr Edmond Hoareau, Mr Cyril Bonnelame, Mr Rowny Vidot, Mr Joselyn Ah-Yu, Mr Serge Benstrong, Mr Basil Soundy and Mr Suketu Patel.
In his National Day address at Stad Linite a month ago when he announced the proposal to set up the Joint Economic Council, President James A. Michel said we had reached a phase in our development where Government was gradually relinquishing its role in business and trading to the private sector.

He added that as “we make progress in this process, we shall look to the private sector to support us in our social and moral mission for the people of Seychelles”.

He said this was the only way forward, and the only way that we could achieve a real partnership.
The institution of the JEC will contribute to the building of that partnership.     
A communique from State House said Wednesday July 21 that the JEC will promote the interests of both the private sector and government within a long-term framework that will lead to sustained and balanced economic growth for Seychelles.

"It will serve as a forum for joint consultations between the private sector and government on matters that will further the socio-economic progress of Seychelles," the communique added. 

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