Integration of youth target of HIV-Aids workshop


As a follow-up activity to the mandate given by the Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting (CYMM) from May 2003, a regional workshop from July 26-28 will be held at the Berjaya Mahe Beach Resort in an effort to reduce the further spread of HIV-Aids, particularly among the youth of the Commonwealth.

According to the officials, the workshop intends to identify and support the implementation of the strategies that will enhance the capacities of the Ministry of Youth and its partners to effectively plan, manage and monitor programmes designed to increase knowledge and awareness about HIV-Aids prevention among the youth.

The workshop will bring together senior policymakers and practitioners, young people and youth-serving organisations from all countries who are tasked with developing and implementing programmes in HIV-Aids commissions.
Officials hope to facilitate collaboration between various stakeholders as a means of strengthening the response to HIV-Aids targeted at young people.  This will be achieved through initiation of a regional dialogue and the incorporation of youth and gender-sensitive principles and practices into national HIV-Aids policies and action plans.

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