Water restriction on Praslin


This means that consumers on the island are not getting supply of treated water for four hours only.
But if the situation gets worse, restrictions on treated water supply will be extended, PUC has said.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Services has said that the current situation of below normal rainfall and drop in wind flow from the Southeast trade wind, which normally blows from the period of May to October, has led to the drought period.
Statistics show that the amount of rainfall and wind recorded indicates a 40% and 29% drop in rainfall for May and June respectively, 22% drop in wind speed for June from what is usually received.

The main reason for the drop is the changes in the intensity and displacement of pressure system over the East Africa and Mascarene region, leading to reduction in wind flow pattern, according to forecaster Theodore Marguerite.
There has been a decrease in sea surface temperature anomaly over the Eastern coast of Africa stretching over the Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone, Mr Marguerite explained.

Both factors, he said, have led to a slowly moving Somali current and upwelling of colder deep ocean waters thus less moisture in the atmosphere over our region, giving rise to significant reduction in rainfall.
According to Mr Marguerite, all indications show that this situation will persist over the course of the next three to four months.

He said significant rain that may help in redressing the water situation in the country is likely to occur after the next three to four months as we move into the transitional phase before entering the rainfall season, which normally start in November.

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