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Mr Morel described his, "How to transform English into French," as a reference guide for students of S5 level and above and stressed that the new text book was designed to "transform not translate" English to French, making it a more practical guide and aiding, "comparative learning."

The product of ten years of weekend writing, the English-French guide is the fifth publication in a series of 12 reference books Mr Morel has worked on over the same period, all of which are expected to be published by the end of 2004.

Acknowledging the help and support given to him by a number of people, Mr Morel said that he believed in educational opportunity for all children and expressed his hope that every school pupil in Seychelles would have access to a copy of the books.

According to Mr Morel the books have been written from personal knowledge and selected reading, expressly for use in Seychelles.

"We need to create the appropriate tools for the students," he said.
The 12-book series is being printed in Mauritius, in print runs of 4,000 copies per book, and with a production cost of between R50 and R60 per copy the entire project will be worth roughly R2.5 million.

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