Port Authority in the offing


The setting up of the Port Authority forms part of efforts to make Port Victoria more efficient and productive

Published in the July 19 issue of the Official Gazette, the Bill seeking the establishment of the Authority will be put before the National Assembly this week for approval.

Among the roles of the Seychelles Port Authority will be to regulate, control and administer all matters relating to the safety and security of Port Victoria, or any other port that may be declared in the future.

It is to be recalled that the announcement relating to the creation of a Port Authority was first made by President James Michel in his 2004 National Day address on June 18.

"As part of the process of liberalization and administrative and structural reforms, we are considering a number of options for making Port Victoria more efficient and productive.

We envisage, for instance, the creation of a new Port Authority which will make Port Victoria more competitive and provide better service. We can expect more revenue and the creation of jobs as a result of those changes," the President said in his address.

Other functions of the Port Authority as stated in the Bill include promoting the development of the infrastructures, maintaining installations and promoting the use, improvement and development of the port.

The Port Authority will also be responsible to collect all harbour dues and rental fees, participate in matters pertaining to search and rescue, as well as act together with other authorities in the prevention of marine source pollution and protection of marine environment.

The Port Authority will be administered by a Board of five members appointed by the Minister from among persons appearing to him to have had wide experience of, and to have shown capacity in, matters relating to maritime affairs, industry, commerce, transportation, finance, administration or industrial relations. A chairman of the Board and a chief executive of the Authority will also be appointed from among the members of the Board.

According to the Bill, provision has also been made for the transfer to the Authority of the personnel and property of the current Port and Marine Services Division, which has been hitherto responsible for the operations of the port.

"Public officers who join the Authority are to be recruited to permanent employment with the Authority on terms no less favourable than those presently enjoyed by them," the Bill says.


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