Wildlife Clubs launches educational CD


The money raised from the sale of the CD will also help in work currently being carried out on Denis Island to protect the Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher.
The CD – which was locally produced at Tanmi Studio - will be on sale in all the usual outlets.

Guests and wildlife club members at the launch of the CD

One of the members of WCS, Terrence Vel, said since most of the songs on the CD had already been released by the wildlife club members in the past, they thought it a good idea to compile all their previous work for this CD.

Noting that music is the most effective way to get messages across, he said they have made a point to include songs about the Seychelles Flycatcher.

The launching of the CD coincided with the opening recently of an exhibition the WCS is hosting at the Nature Seychelles offices at Roche Caiman.

Entitled, Kanmeleon, the photographs in the exhibition are a result of the work the clubs have done with the help of Mizopwen, a local photography association.

Viewing the exhibition

Open until early next year, the exhibition highlights the work the clubs all over the country have carried out throughout the year.

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