Tribute to wildlife club leader


The Late Basil Faure (Left)As a new leader in 2006 -07, Basil managed to bring a large group of students back to the wildlife club network in Port Glaud and organised a mass of activities with them including field trips to reserves, waterfall, networking with other clubs and also doing radio programs with them. He also featured in our Risks Assessment and Management programme and has been trained in various environmental leadership courses with the Centre for Environment and Education including the Field investigation training in Praslin. Basil is also a member of many other community and national youth organisations.

It is sad that we have to lose such an energetic person at a blooming age (still in his 20s) and we express our deepest sympathy to his family, relatives and closest friends, especially that they will end the year in total sadness.

From the Management and Committee of the
Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles and Nature Seychelles staff

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