End-of-year issue of Nation tomorrow


In addition to the usual news items it will contain reviews of issues which have highlighted this eventful year.

Topics such as economy, agriculture, environment, fisheries, the arts, tourism, sports, among others, are covered in this issue.

Another highlight is a special feature on President James Michel’s participation in international meetings this year, at which he has taken each and every opportunity to explain Seychelles’ firm stance on key issues such as climate change, the vulnerability of small island states, finance, food security, the energy crisis and fair trade.

The special issue will also recap President Michel’s visits to the districts and work places.

2008 having been declared the Year of the Constitution, a review of efforts undertaken to highlight the importance of this foundation of all laws to the people of Seychelles will also feature in tomorrow’s special issue.

We would also like to inform our readers that since the newspaper will not be published on January 1, 2 and 3, the New Year message of President James Michel, which will be aired on radio and television tomorrow night, will be published in the January 5 issue of Seychelles Nation, our first for the year 2009.

However, readers can always access President Michel’s New Year message on the Nation website – www.nation.sc -- shortly after it would have been broadcast on television and radio tomorrow night.

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