Youths turn to faith for answers


This has consequently renewed their beliefs in God, according to Tiana Morel, the head of the Freedom Group -- a multi-denominational group formed to sensitise the nation on the need to repair its ways with God and Jesus.

She said the year is a success story for faiths and beliefs in Seychelles, as youth have voluntarily shown a will to do God’s work and have wholeheartedly played a significant role to boost religious convictions here.

She explained that previously youths had been staying away from churches and all forms of religious callings, but that under the patronage of the Freedom Group, large crowds of them have taken part in one form of religion-related activity.

She said that the last activity organised by the group on December 13 saw hundreds of youths brace the bad weather to celebrate Jesus.

She added that through the Freedom Group, but more importantly through faith, young people have come to learn that Jesus is the way and is the only solution, especially in times of hardship and pain.

“We can and should find refuge in Jesus, as through Him, God has made the promise to never leave His people alone and hungry,” she said.

Mrs Morel (hands raised ) addressing the crowd during a spiritual gathering at the mini-stadium in the Children’s Playground

“This is the objective of the Freedom Group’s movement, to blow God’s trumpet and gather His people,” she added.

She told Nation the group’s action has received the blessing of the President, whom they visited at Sate House some time back when they were still contemplating the group’s mode of action to achieve its goals.

Mrs Morel said the Freedom group’s next move is to now establish a Christian Youth Center, to be used to counsel and empower youths spiritually.

The center is to be named the Power House and will for now be located within the St John Thorpe’s Hall at the Anglican Church. 

She said funds are already being raised to set up the centre, noting that additional contributions are welcome.

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