New plans for government services on Silhouette


He said this is necessary in view of the continuing increase in the island’s population because of economic development there.

The minister for Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture gave these details during question time in the National Assembly last Tuesday.
He also answered questions about financial help his ministry gives sportsmen through the district administration offices.

Answering a question by Ansley Constance, elected member for the Inner Islands including La Digue and Silhouette, Mr Meriton said there is a need to strengthen the existing social fabric of Silhouette and to review all the services offered such as housing, social welfare, employment and health.

He said at present there is a committee – including representatives of the Island Development Company (IDC), residents, school, hotel and health centre – which meets every two weeks to address such matters.

But he said there is a need to reinforce the work of this committee and at the same time ensure community programmes are carried out.

Talks are now going on with the IDC, government agencies, Inner Islands district authorities, and a structure is being proposed bearing in mind the character of the island.

Mr Meriton praised the good collaboration shown so far by all parties concerned. He stressed that Silhouette remains part of the electoral district of the Inner Islands but is still under the management of the IDC where development of its economic activities is concerned.

The minister also answered a question by Marc Naiken, elected member for Au Cap, who wanted to know what financial support there is in the ministry for sportsmen in the districts to form teams.

Mr Meriton said each year the Department of Community Development receives a budget of R1.9 million to be shared among teams that are registered through the district administration (DA) offices.

He said the DAs also give some financial help for transport, equipment and other expenses, and the money can either be transferred to a team’s account or be managed by the DA office.

He said this year the money will be shared among 173 registered teams from 19 sports federations, and the ministry does not find itself in a position to make any increases.

The ministry is encouraging all teams to strengthen their management structures to ensure they better address the issue of fundraising and looking for sponsorship.

Mr Meriton acknowledged that money for sports is never enough and thanked all sponsors and individuals for their contributions to the various teams.

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