Boxing-Young fighters throw leather


The shortest of the 13 bouts, on Friday night at Victoria Gymnasium, lasted just 11 seconds and the winner was Daniel Mothé. He threw leather from the first gong and sent Hoareau to the canvas under a flurry of punches. Hoareau’s coach had seen enough and he threw in the towel to put an end to the 51kg bout after just 11 seconds.

Coached by Hansel Larue, Mothé, 15 and who is in his second spell in the sport, said: “It was an easy fight and an easy win.”

Five more fights failed to go the distance as the big crowd was entertained with some beautiful actions in the ring.

Lorenzo Bonne set the tone with a win by referee stopped contest (RSC) decision against newcomer Andrew Hoareau in the 34kg division fight after a first count of eight.

Lorenzo Bonne (right) won after just 11 seconds against Andrew Hoareau

Loser Hoareau said: “I did not know that I had to put my fists up after a count of eight so that the referee could understand that I am ready to continue to fight.”

“I’m not disappointed. There’s always a winner and a loser in sport,” he added.

Dario Gabriel also won by RSC against Julio Dugasse after a third count of eight 40 seconds into the second of the three-round bout.

After a second count of eight with 26 seconds gone in the second round, Jean-Yves Jumaye was saved from taking more punishment by the referee, who put an end to his 48kg fight against Tony Moustache.

When he caught the less-experienced Alexander Durup on the chin with a left hook with 42 seconds left in the second round of his 60kg fight, Stephane Bonne watched as the referee made a second count of eight on his opponent.

Technically superior and with two years experience in the sport, Bonne danced on the ring in delight as Durup’s corner threw in the towel.

Alexander Julie needed medical attention 59 seconds into the first round despite being in the lead and he came back with a vengeance to give Mario Anacoura no chance to inflict more injuries on him.

Julie forced the referee to make a count of eight on Anacoura with 19 seconds left in the first round before he was declared the 71kg fight winner on the retirement decision.

The judges were called upon to decide the winners of the remaining seven bouts.

Jean-Luc Bistoquet won his 48kg fight on a 2-1 score against Stephane Bervas. The decision angered the crowd, who thought that Bervas should have won after clearly dominating the first and third rounds.

Stephane Bonne (left) scores against Durup

In a 64-kg fight that lacked firepower as both fighters were constantly asked by the referee to throw punches, Gilbert Havelock edged Jean-Yves Anata 2-1.

Up against Eric Bervas in another 60kg fight, the shorter Kurt Tomking made the referee make a count of eight on his opponent with 52 seconds gone in the first round and he controlled the remaining two rounds for a unanimous 3-0 win.

“That was my first fight and I’m happy with the win,” said 15-year-old Tomking.

Shorter but tougher than his opponent Chris Marimba, a tired Keddy Agnes was panting for air in the dying seconds of his 75kg bout. But he had accumulated enough points for a 3-0 decision win.

The two young boxers displayed good punching power and met at ring centre to throw leather in all three rounds of two minutes each.

Stan Nicette displayed good footwork and scored well with some solid blows on the way to a tight 2-1 win against Robert Albert in the 54kg division.

Four experienced boxers were also in action on Friday in bouts of three rounds of three minutes.

Estrale (left) catches Molle with a straight right hand punch

Dave César won 3-0 against Dave Aglaé in the 57kg division and MacFarlène Estrale edged Nelson Molle 2-1 in a 64kg fight.

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