Handball: Mohan League-APC Brothers and APC Sisters lose to Super 8 and Rybar


Winners of last year’s women’s league and cup competition, Rybar dominated from the first whistle and scored twice in the very first minute.

It was only after six minutes that APC got a shot at Rybar’s goal, but the attempt did not worry keeper Marie-Ange Francourt.
Under a lot of pressure, APC Sisters wasted a 10th-minute penalty through Angela Nicette, whose effort came off a post, and they got their first goal six minutes later when Clara Esparon broke through the Rybar defence to score.
Effie Camille and Vanessa Bastienne followed suit seconds later to bring the score to 3-14.

It seemed that APC had finally woken up and their play improved, but Rybar kept their cool to go for the break with a 23-6 lead.

In the second half, Rybar stretched their lead although Williana Dubois was yellow carded and got two two-minute penalties.
In the 44th minute, APC coach Tony Hortère called a time-out to change tactics, but six minutes later Rybar’s total was double that of APC at 30-15. Rybar held on to win 35-18.

In the men’s match, Super 8 were quick to grab the lead and the score read 3-0 after the first two minutes of play.
After only four minutes, APC coach/player Tony Hortère called for a time-out to rethink tactics. And heeding his advice, one minute later Jude Esparon scored APC’s first goal. Super 8, however, kept extending the lead and they were ahead 10-2 after 12 minutes.

Although assistant coach Ivan Etienne called for a time-out in the 26th minute to reprimand his players for taking things too lightly, Super 8 went for the lead with a 14-goal lead – 22-8.

Super 8 scored 22 more goals in the second half, while APC Brothers, who lost Maverick Raoul and Neil Esparon after they each got three two-minute penalties, scored 14. Super 8 won the match 44-22.

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