Dr Ramadoss is new SCCI chairman


Dr Ramadoss

Also during the annual general meeting last Friday at the National Theatre, Mont Fleuri, Dolor Ernesta was elected vice-chairman and S. Palani treasurer.

Voted in as councilors were: Basil Soundy (Bodco), Joe Chung-Faye (Island Trading), Dr Sethu Chetty (PSM Medical Enterprise), Veronique Laporte (Civil Construction Company Ltd), Paul Hodoul (Seychelles Car Hire Operators’ Association), Bernard Pool (Pool & Patel), Jimmy Kwast (Sodepak), Linda Labrosse (Casino des Iles), Gonzague D’Offay (Southern Ocean Trading), Albert Payet (Dazzle), Germaine Michaud (Armand Michaud Farm) and Jadel Lamow (JM Logistics).

Dr Ramadoss has said he will continue to improve the image of the SCCI, address the problems of members from all sectors and bring in new members.

He said he will also work to improve the dialogue between the chamber and President James Michel, ministers and government.

In his annual report, outgoing chairman Mr Payet referred to 2008 as “a most eventful and challenging year” during which the chamber engaged with government to discuss the full implications of the IMF-supported economic reform programme.

He spoke of the positive dialogue between President Michel and the chamber, as well as the good relationship established with Minister of Finance Danny Faure and Central Bank governor Pierre Laporte.

The reform policies mirrored the advice of the chamber to the government over the past 15 years, he added.

Mr Payet reported on the positive outcome of objectives set by the SCCI for 2008 – high exposure and effective interaction with the government; positioning the chamber as an effective partner on the main statutory bodies such as the STB, the Tender Board, the Social Welfare Agency and the Seychelles Fishing Authority; informing members and the business community at large through the SCCI newsletter; and recruiting more members. 

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