Hoareau death inquiry starts work


The President appointed Court of Appeal judge Anthony Fernando to look into the March 5 death of Morris Hoareau and the disappearance of eight-year-old Abdul Rahim Hoareau on either March 4 or 5, as well as the police response from the time the boy’s mother Regina Simeon complained to the force.

The police have already confirmed the boy’s death, but the inquiry is taking an open position.
The judge heard 12 witnesses on Monday and 11 yesterday. The inquiry is expected to continue today but will adjourn to allow appeal cases to be heard in the same court between Monday April 27 and May 8.

A total of 40 witnesses are expected to give their evidence before the inquiry judge during sessions at which members of the public may be present as long as they do not interrupt the proceedings.

Justice Fernando is expected to hand President Michel a report on the inquiry’s findings with recommendations by June 16.

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