Hotel helps school buy teaching materials


Mr Français and staff hand over the computer set to the school

Just before the start of the holidays last Friday, a cheque for R17,000 was handed over to the school’s head, Stella Nolin, by hotel general manager Olivier Français in the presence of teachers, students and hotel managers.

Mr Français said the aim of the contribution is to help the school buy materials that will enable teachers and pupils to progress with their work.

Mrs Nolin said the contribution from Fisherman’s Cove will be added to the school fund and will help to cater better for the students’ academic needs.

She said the money will be also be used to help develop certain projects that the school will identify.
Apart from the cheque, Mr Français and hotel staff handed out stationery to the children and teachers.
The school also received a new computer set from Fisherman’s Cove.

Mr Français said the hotel was acting on this year’s national theme Koste Seselwa (Come Together Seychellois) and the yearly programme of its parent company Starwood.

“We have chosen to lend a hand to your school as we believe there is only one key to open the door to your future – to succeed in your education,” he said.

This was the first time the hotel has made a donation to Bel Ombre primary, he added.
On behalf of the students and staff, Mrs Nolin thanked Mr Français and his team for the contribution, which she said will be of great benefit to the school.

After the presentation ceremony guests and children enjoyed snacks and drinks together, and performances were dedicated to the school’s sponsors.

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