New petrol station due at Pointe Larue


A temporary station next to the old one will be in use while a bigger station with modern equipment is put up at a cost of between R13 million and R14 million, said Ray Hoareau, the assistant general manager of the Seychelles Petroleum Company (Sepec).

He said work to build the new petrol station will start on May 1.

“It will feature similar architecture to the new ones in Victoria and Anse Royale and have three pumping islands instead of two,” he said, adding it needs to look good because it is “the first building tourists see when they leave the airport”.

Work in progress to build a temporary and a new petrol station

“The old one needs major renovation. We will build a new workshop, shop, tyre repair centre and new storage facilities for gas cylinders.”
The new station should be in operation in March 2010.

The Praslin filling station has already been modernised, and Sepec will soon invite tenders to rebuild the one on La Digue, Mr Hoareau said.

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