Piracy in focus at ACP-EU joint assembly


Seychelles was represented at the 16th session of the African, Caribbean and Pacific parliamentary assembly from April 1-9 and the 17th session of the Joint ACP-European Union parliamentary assembly in Prague, Czech Republic, by the chairman of the International Affairs Committee in the National Assembly, Waven William, and its ambassador to the EU, Barry Faure.

Speaking to the media last week, Mr William said the general situation in Somalia and the issue of piracy were high on the agenda.

He said the Seychellois delegation also took an active part in talks on the environment, social issues, economic development and trade.

On the issue of piracy, Mr William said it was discussed at length by members of the European Parliament, including the chairman of its fisheries committee, Philippe Morillion.

Adding his voice to that of the local delegation, Mr Morillion highlighted the impact piracy could have on the local fishing and tourism industries.

Mr William said the issue of piracy was also discussed with the president of the National Assembly of Somalia, and more contact has been established to help negotiate the safe release of our local mariners who are held hostage.

Another important matter discussed was Seychelles’ hosting of the Eastern African regional parliamentary consultative meeting in 2010.

Mr William said this will be important for Seychelles as it will be an opportunity to meet international partners and donors more directly.

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