Kyokushin karate-Calix Lavigne earns second dan black belt


The black belt and kyu belt grading session took place over the weekend at the Young Lions Dojo at Belonie and was organised by the Kyokushin karate school. It was conducted by shihan Phillip Moustache and was helped by senseis Francis Françoise, Phillip Verghese and Erna Athanasius.

Two other shodans – Jude Padayachy and Steven Pouponneau – also took part in the grading session as a preparation for their final grading in May. Four green belt holders – Steven Rosalie, Luigi Adrienne, Joel Pichon and Harry Savy – also attempted to achieve their second kyu brown belt.

Lavigne (standing centre) was successful in his second dan black belt grading

All students were required to demonstrate the basic and advanced techniques of Kyokushin, while their stamina and mental preparedness were tested by means of various exercises during the session.

After performing their renraku (combinations) and kata (forms) up to their respective levels, the karatekas were then required to take the final part of their test – the kumite. All the fights were conducted under the International Kyokushin Organisation’s knockdown rules and lasted one minute. Calix had to fight 20 opponents, while the other green belt holders each fought 15 opponents.
Their opponents included the school’s best knockdown fighters and also present were family members and friends who cheered them on.

During the fights, all the fighters demonstrated Kyokushin’s unique philosophy of the “Spirit of Osu” whereby one is required to persevere beyond one’s own limits.

After the grading, an emotional Lavigne was informed by local branch chief, shihan Moustache, that he had been successful.

All four green belt holders were promoted to the rank of 2nd kyu brown belts and received their belts from shihan Moustache.
Congratulations to the newly promoted karatekas.

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