Orphans join Olympic club members on Cerf Island


They were the guests of the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga) and young members of the Olympic clubs, who treated them to an enjoyable picnic.

Accompanied by the nuns who take care of them, Olympic clubs’ coordinators and staff of Socga, the boys took part in many activities on the beach and swam in the sea.

The orphans enjoy a sumptuous lunch

On behalf of fellow orphans, Eric d’Unienville received from Socga president Antonio Gopal a sample of sports equipment generously donated by local federations and associations.

The equipment included basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, handballs, tennis balls, table tennis balls, badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, and educational games.

Sportswoman of the Year Lindy Leveau-Agricole and Sportsman of the Year Tony Lespoir also took time out of their busy schedule to be with the orphans and young members of the Olympic clubs.

Getting ready for the famous caterpillar race

Mr Gopal told the orphans that it was they who gave all those making the boat trip to Cerf Island the chance to visit the place.

He also told them to grow up to become responsible citizens.

As for Leveau-Agricole and Lespoir, they urged the children to stay focused on what they want to do in life.

The picnic was organised by the National Olympic Academy of Seychelles, an arm of Socga.

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