Boxing-SABF receives new equipment


The equipment comprises head guards for training, punch bag gloves, tooth guards (gum shields), groin protectors and punch bags.

The equipment has been bought in Germany and is of the well-known Top Ten brand.

In the presence of female and male boxers, Seychelles Amateur Boxing Federation (SABF) chairman Kenneth Nalletamby accepted the equipment from Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga) president Antonio Gopal in a ceremony earlier this week.

Mr Nalletamby accepts the donation from Mr Gopal

The equipment cost €2,877, which comes from Socga’s sponsorship for sports federations’ and associations’ talent identification programmes.

Sports federations and associations affiliated with Socga will each get US $2,000 this year to run their programmes.

The SABF recently received competition gloves, head guards and bandages from the International Amateur Boxing Association.

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