Organisers urge more children to join holiday programme


Learning the basics of tennis

The two-week event, which began on Monday, is being run by the Federations Management and Development Division and was targeting around 200 children per day, mainly secondary students. But the organisers say so far they have been getting a maximum of only 50.

“Frankly we’re disappointed,” said sports coordinator Andrick Savy.
 “We mobilised a good number of our people to work as officials and helpers to assist us with the events – people already busy with their own work – so we would like to see more children join in and make the jamboree a successful one, especially since next week is the last one.”

Mr Savy admitted that financial constraints could have been a factor in the number of children turning up, since they have to bring their own pocket money, snacks and lunches, as well as pay their bus fares.

The activities are held at the Roche Caïman sports village’s various venues such as the swimming pool, the omni-sports gym, the ex-SMB hall and the tennis courts.

The jamboree has six sports disciplines available, where those taking part can learn the basics of tennis, volleyball, basketball, netball, swimming and table tennis.

After mastering the basics, the young enthusiasts will have the chance to compete among themselves on the last days of the programme.

So far children from schools such as Anse Royale, Anse Boileau, Glacis, Anse Etoile and Pointe Larue have turned up, but the organisers say they would like to see parents accompanying and encouraging their children whenever possible.

Other organisations that have encouraged their members to take part are the President’s Award Scheme, the Scout Movement and Neighbourhood Recreational Activities.

Mr Savy said there have been some success stories, one of which has been teaching former non-swimmers water confidence, while others have already mastered basic swimming techniques. The jamboree will end next Thursday.

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