IOT honours retiring workers


The three retired members of staff with operations manager Francis Rossi

Bicent Accouche, Josephina Leggaie and Angelle Dupres have together worked for over 36 years at the factory.

Mr Accouche was employed in the fish receiving section, which faces the dock, while Mrs Leggaie and Mrs Dupres worked in the fish cleaning and can labelling sections respectively.

A reception was organised recently at the factory to honour the three, in the presence of IOT managing director Alain Olivieri, managers and supervisors.

The company’s operations manager, Francis Rossi, thanked the three workers for their long years of service and wished them a peaceful and happy retirement, before presenting each of them with a gift.

Public relations and communications manager Barney Adeline said it is the company’s tradition to organise gatherings to reward its long-serving staff.
This was also an opportunity for members of the management to meet the workers in an informal way and to thank them for their services, he added.

Mr Accouche and Mrs Leggaie had each spent 15 years with IOT, while Mrs Dupres had to retire after six years because of ill health.

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