Hotel investors give Beau Vallon families new homes


The property bought by Bay View Estate Ltd – on the Beau Vallon hillside – will be used forYesterday’s ceremony to present the families the keys to their new homes the Nouvelle Vallée Resort.

The families received the keys to their new homes from Bay View Estate project manager Igor Perogovskiy yesterday, during a ceremony attended by Minister for Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture Vincent Meriton, Beau Vallon district administrator Denise Clarisse and representatives of the company.

Investor Valery Efimenko said instead of offering the families cash incentives, the company decided to build them new homes as a more socially responsible option.

This, he said, will guarantee the residents a more secure future.
“We care about the people of Beau Vallon and we want to make sure the families have a good home, which is why we decided to build these apartments for them,” he added.

Mr Efimenko said community relations are vitally important to the project as the hotel expects to become a vital part of Beau Vallon life through job opportunities and revenue for tourism service operators in the area.

Mrs Clarisse thanked Bay View Estate for its action, which she described as exemplary. She said as well as their main project, the businessmen have invested in the welfare of the Beau Vallon people.

The district administration office will help the families with the remaining work, especially landscaping and decorating their new homes.

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