Jahrimba is back with Spektakiler


The new CD – his fourth – will be launched tonight at the Lovenut nightclub in Victoria.

The artist described the album as an anthology of his life, including all the good and bad experiences, especially in his musical career.

As for the title Spektakiler (Spectacular), Jahrimba – whose real name is Richard Marimba – said it is one of his nicknames.

“Whenever I hold the microphone, the environment and mood change and become more spectacular,” he explained.

Evolution in music, both globally and locally, has influenced the artist and this is apparent on the new album.
“I want to connect the past, present and future generations with my music,” he said.

Morality, spirituality, love and respect are the strong points of Jahrimba’s message on the album.
He added that through his music he wants to motivate young people and guide them away from the bad influences of everyday life.

“That is why I established the Ghetto Souljah.z production group,” he said.
Through the group he is targeting youths with musical potential and giving them the chance to develop their skills.

Six members of the group – Inquisitive, King Size, Mackdo, Yaniko, Jahfayah and Natty Reh – feature on the new album.

Regarding the economic situation, Jahrimba said it is not easy to produce an album. He explained that it is his love for music and his fans rather than money that kept him going and boosted his efforts to release the album.

“My love of music comes before money whenever I am working on something, be it big or small,” he added.
Spektakiler is on sale at R125 at the usual sales outlets, and fans can get it for R100 from Jahrimba himself.

R. D.


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