Focus on decent work for Labour Day


Principal secretary for employment Jean Raguin said productivity is the
main focus, and an improvement has been seen in this area as workers become more concerned about the quality and quantity of their work.

He said many factors, such as a lack of rules and regulations, has influenced low output in previous years.

“The increase is due to the mechanisms put in place, dialogue between government, employers and employees, and improved conditions,” he added.

He said workers have become more aware of the need to work and earn a living, especially now in this period of economic reforms.

Mr Raguin said the theme of decent work is an ILO concept that includes workers being given social and legal protection and the chance to work.
Seychelles has ratified the eight core conventions of the ILO, which take into account the right to work, the rights of associations representing workers and the abolition of forced labour, among others.

This, he said, makes it easier to include them in the mechanisms and policies put in place to ensure workers’ rights are respected.

He said at national level this is being done through social dialogue in which rules and regulations are discussed and through the National Council for Employment, where all issues relating to employment are debated.

Speaking of the activities for Labour Day, Mr Raguin said May 1 is not just a day for enjoyment but also calls for reflection on our work.

He said activities will be organised in collaboration with other parties, such as the Seychelles Federation of Workers Union (SFWU).

A conference under the theme Decent Work will be held this week to analyse the working conditions of employees and to help bring more understanding of certain work-related issues.

SFWU general secretary Antoine Robinson said the union started working on the theme through conferences held to bring about more awareness of what decent work means.

He said feedback from these conferences has brought changes – including working conditions and productivity – in workplaces.

Labour Day activities, to be held until May 3, will be launched under the theme: Koste Seselwa – ou kontribisyon i enportan. They will include radio programmes, a night fair and musical shows, a special fair for workers entitled Bazaar Travayer, a mass and sports and outdoor activities.



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