Youth Assembly speaks out against prostitution


A motion tabled by Elvis Uranie at the assembly’s last sitting on Saturday read: “The sixth Youth Assembly demands that the government, through concerned authorities, takes necessary measures against young people who are publicly engaging in prostitution, as well as those helping to promote the trade.”

The assembly during its sitting on Saturday

It added that ways should be found to educate young people on the subject.
Presenting the motion, Mr Uranie said he and many of his colleagues are taken aback by how great the problem of prostitution is, and by how long society has taken to realise the seriousness of the matter.

He called on society not to stigmatise those involved in prostitution but to find ways to get them out of it.

And he commended various organisations working to help with the situation, naming the Young Soldiers for Christ, who are making efforts to get young people to use their energy in more positive action.

He also spoke of efforts by the Ministry of Education, the media and the Ministry of Health, saying they should work more closely together.

Other assembly members spoke of a need to attack the problem at its source, so young people do not feel they have to go into prostitution to gain a livelihood. They said people soliciting for prostitution should be punished.

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