Opposition leader sends Labour Day message


“May 1 is dedicated to the work that we do which is, for most of us, the centre of our Mr Ramkalawanlives,” he said.
“We do not always enjoy work, but we cannot be happy unless we see the value and importance of the work that we do. Through it we fulfil some of the most important obligations that we have as human beings.

“It is the means by which we use the strength and abilities that God has given us to maintain ourselves and our families in dignity and to contribute to our society and country.”

It is important to reaffirm our commitment as a society to ensure everyone can find work and receives fair payment for what they do, Mr Ramkalawan added.

“It is our duty to do our utmost to bring about greater fairness in salaries and compensation, as well as to strive for better conditions that allow everyone to work in dignity.”

Labour Day is a chance for us to recognise those who work hard but do not necessarily get paid for what they do, he added.

“The efforts of mothers who work tirelessly to take care of their families, other people who give their efforts to caring for others, and all the people who give their time and energy to voluntary work, not to earn for themselves but to make our country or the world a better place – all these are examples that we should honour on this occasion,” he said.

Mr Ramkalawan said we should remember those who are in difficulties because of the work they do, in particular our fellow citizens being held hostage in Somalia.

“Let us all pray for their safety and freedom. Our celebration will not be complete unless we include them in our thoughts.”

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