IDC refutes allegations about its work on outer islands


In the case of Coetivy, the IDC said in a statement yesterday it has not leased the island, as it has in the cases of the other islands it administers.

The company stressed that it has been contracted by the government to manage the infrastructure of Coetivy, such as its environment, production of electricity and water and the general maintenance of the island as a whole.

The IDC said it is not engaged in the business of new development on the island and has not been asked to do so. If and when this happens, the IDC will be instructed by the government on how to proceed.

The company said it wishes to make its position clear over the rental of guesthouses on the islands. Most of the islands the IDC runs have guesthouses, which are used by IDC technicians, government officials and scientists going to the islands for research, or by any other visitors who would like to visit the islands.

It is the IDC’s policy to allow clients who wish to visit the islands to use the guesthouses available on the islands, where there are no hotel facilities. The IDC charges for flights, food and services required by visitors, it said.

Regarding commercial operations on Farquhar, the IDC has written authority from the ministry responsible, in accordance with Regulation 33 (e) of the Licences, (Accommodation, Catering and Entertainment Establishments) Regulations 2001, which gives it permission to make available a guesthouse, without the need for a licence, and for which the IDC is entitled to charge.

The IDC said it charges for flights (drop-off and pick-up), food and services – for example boat trips, tours of the island, even fishing depending on what visitors want.

On most of the islands under the responsibility of the IDC, there are shops which – under the law enforced by the Seychelles Licensing Authority – must have a liquor licence when selling alcoholic drinks.
The IDC said that as a responsible company abiding by the law in all its activities, it is only complying with the law covering liquor licences on the islands.

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