Labour Day Mass-Work makes us a better and more complete human being – Father Alcindor


Father Alcindor (inset) celebrating Labour Day mass which was attended by a large congregation, among whom President James Michel

Father David Alcindor said this last Friday during his sermon at the traditional mass to commemorate Labour Day.
A large crowd, graced by the presence of President James Michel, cabinet ministers and other government officials gathered at the St Joseph’s Church at Anse Royale for the celebration of joy, reflection and faith.
The yearly mass also honoured St Joseph – the Patron Saint of workers.

Fathers Sylvain Labonte and Eric Léon as well as Deacon Louis Agathine joined Father Alcindor to celebrate Friday’s mass.
Father Alcindor reminded the congregation that all biblical texts value the necessity of work and that labour is part of our struggle on the road to heaven.

He explained that work makes us a better and more complete human being and that through our work we are glorifying the Lord.
“Each time we work, we are helping to build and contributing towards the advancement of the kingdom of God,” he said.
Father Alcindor said with the introduction of sin in the world, work has lost its real value and honour and humans have adopted a negative perception towards it.

He said we should follow the example of God who was the first one to work – during creation – and we should perform our duties with love and devotion.

He also pointed out that this year’s May Day celebration was different from previous ones both locally and globally due to various pertinent events.

Speaking on the current world economic difficulties, Father Alcindor said mostly all workers have experienced the negative impact it carries. He noted that a lot are being done and courageous decisions have been taken locally to help minimise the impact and to find the right solution.

He said it is through difficult situations that a nation discovers its positive side and all its good qualities.
“As a nation, this current difficult situation will help us to become stronger and will transform us into better people,” he added.

He asked those present to use this year’s national theme – Koste Seselwa (Come together Seychellois) – as the starting block for a new beginning.

Father Alcindor also reminded the congregation that even though May 1 is a day of joy and celebration, we should take some time to remember the families whose members are being held captives by the Somali pirates. He added those people and their families should be in our thoughts and prayers so that the Lord will give them courage, patience and faith in that difficult moment.

He added that we should also pray for the success of the ongoing negotiations for their safe release.
He said as a big family, we should all join together in solidarity for our brothers who are being held captives.

“We should not lose hope and let us all pray that one day all our brothers will reunite with their families safe and sound,” he added.

As a sign of solidarity and support for the hostages and their families, ten lighted candles were placed in front of the altar.

Father Alcindor explained that in whatever work we do, our hands are crucial and he ended the celebrations by blessing the hands of all those present.

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