Jobs here for all Seychellois who want to work


Minister Mondon addressing guests and delegates at the opening of the conference on Thursday

We must all work together to ensure our people make the most of opportunities for training and retraining, so they can take jobs available on the labour market, the Minister for Employment and Human Resources Development said.

She was speaking at a conference organised by activists aiming to safeguard and promote the rights of workers and to ensure decent working conditions.

The meeting was held last Thursday at the Seychelles Trading Company’s conference room to coincide with activities to mark Labour Day, celebrated this year under the theme Decent Work.

This has been a topic driven forward by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in recent times as it prepared to celebrate its 90th anniversary on Friday.

The Labour Day conference here was organised under a sub-theme – Koste Travayer Seselwa: Ou Kontribisyon I Enportan – with the aim of spurring local people to make the most of work opportunities available to them so the country can continue to prosper.

It was also attended by Vice-President Joseph Belmont, other ministers and representatives of the workers’ and employers’ associations.

In her keynote speech, Mrs Mondon said the theme chosen for the conference “calls on workers to join together and work hard for the prosperity of our country”.

“It gives significant importance to the work and contribution of each and every one of our workers,” she added.
Reminding those present of the current state of the world’s economy and of the economic reforms the country is carrying out, she said one of the key factors in ensuring economic growth “remains the productivity of our workforce”.

 “Today, the workers’ pivotal role in economic development has again been brought to the forefront,” she said.
“Workers are being called upon to work hard and conscientiously and to be more productive. The unemployed are being urged to seek employment and make use of available opportunities to earn a decent living.”

On the issue of decent work, Mrs Mondon said the theme is fitting as it marries well with the ILO’s 90th anniversary theme.
She said decent work is about your job and future prospects, about working conditions, balancing work and family life, gender equality, equal recognition, empowering women to make choices and take control of their lives.

“It is about your personal abilities to compete on the labour market, to keep up with new technological skills, remain healthy, develop entrepreneurial skills, receive a fair share of the wealth that you have helped to create and have a voice in your workplace and community,” she added.

Mrs Mondon stressed that decent work cannot exist “when there is involuntary unemployment and poverty, abuse of rights at work, workplace anxiety, depression, exhaustion and when life at work cannot be properly balanced with the demands of the family”.

“Taking into consideration the progress Seychelles has made on workers’ rights, income security and job creation, I am proud to say we are well on the road to achieving the goals of decent work,” she said.

Also speaking at the conference, general secretary of the Seychelles Federation of Workers Union Antoine Robinson said the ILO has been called on this year “to assess action taken and future requirements in the areas of the active labour market, policies and social protection”.

He said this consolidates the truth that the ILO embodies strategies that will help move the world out of the current economic crisis.

Gilbert Beaudoin of the Seychelles Employers Association said the theme of decent work is especially relevant as it comes at a time of threats and challenges and loss of jobs for local people.

He said there is a need to join hands and change mindsets, and for all partners to become more proactive to strengthen the country’s economy.

Mr Beaudoin also called on employers to take on skilled and qualified Seychellois workers so they do not leave the country.
“We all started at the bottom of the ladder and were coached to become what we are today, so give the same opportunities to our youths and local workers,” he said.

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