Changes in way new home care scheme will be run


Health and Social Development Minister Marie-Pierre Lloyd agreed changes are needed when she met the Economic Reform Oversight Committee of the National Assembly recently.

With the existing home care scheme having ended, the committee – under the chairmanship of Charles De Commarmond – had asked Mrs Lloyd to clarify the new policy.

The meeting was also called to identify constraints the ministry is meeting with regard to providing home care services.
The committee stressed that the main issue is not with the policy governing the scheme but with its operation at district level.

Citing concerns raised in the districts, Mrs Lloyd said the most prominent are cases involving a family member caring for a relative in the same household who, under the new scheme, does not qualify for a carer.

Given the diversity and complexity of these cases, she agreed that each will have to be dealt with on an individual basis through an objective and comprehensive evaluation.

Among the recommendations made at the meeting was the formation of a district team – which will include members of the National Assembly and district administrators – to process the applications for carers.

The committee stressed the need to set up these mechanisms for the new home care scheme as soon as possible.
It also asked that the ministry gives out information to educate the public on how to apply for home care and proposed that a forum be held to give the public the chance to express their concerns and to seek clarification on this issue.

The committee recommended that the government carries out a comprehensive study to make the home care programme more sustainable.

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