Kidney screening to be offered on Praslin and La Digue


This follows a pilot screening exercise carried out recently on Mahe by the newly formed Kidney Association of Seychelles (KAS) during World Kidney Week.

Those targeted were high-risk patients who were hypertensive, obese, diabetic or who had a family history of kidney disease. 
These screening sessions are a preparation for a thorough study on the prevalence of chronic kidney disease called the Seychelles Kidney Disease Evaluation and Awareness Programme, due to start later this year.

About 200 people were screened on Mahe over a two-day period, and 170 of them have by now been sent a letter telling them the results and how to deal with their problem, if any.

The KAS found that only a third of all those who were hypertensive had controlled blood pressure, 22% of the whole group were obese and 35% of all those who claimed they were not hypertensive were found have blood pressure high enough to constitute hypertension.

This agrees with the findings of the Seychelles Heart Study in 2004, which showed a similar rise in risk factors for chronic kidney disease.

The KAS, which was launched on March 13, is now recruiting members, with a nominal R100 annual fee, though bigger contributions are welcome. Application forms are available from its secretary, Elsia Sinon, at the haemodialysis unit of Victoria hospital, chairman Gerard Ah-Shung at G&O trading, Plaisance, Percy Morel at DNF Autoparts (opposite Barclays’ Market Street branch) and Agnes Nasiboo at Fascination boutique, Victoria. Requests can also be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phoning 388157.

The KAS has applied to join the International Federation of Kidney Foundations, which groups patient associations and kidney community advocacy groups across 42 countries and is based in Australia.

Two KAS members will represent the association at the World Congress of Nephrology in Milan, Italy, from May 21-26. At this meeting a study carried out in collaboration with a Swiss university on the impact of obesity on early kidney stress will be presented.

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