Work to promote good governance goes ahead well


Mrs D’Offay addressing delegates at the opening of the workshop yesterday

Representatives of government, NGOs and civil society bodies took part in a workshop at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mont Fleuri, to give their views on the good governance promotion scheme, which is now being devised.

The programme aims to strengthen good management at policy and other levels so as to carry on improving the democratic process in Seychelles.

It is being supported by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme and the government, and is funded under the 10th European Development Fund for 2008-2013.

Yesterday’s in-depth session was led by two consultants from the European Union, David Moore and Marie-Pierre Crozet.
Addressing those taking part, Jeannette D’Offay, technical adviser in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the contribution of all local stakeholders is important to help design the next programme.

This will ensure that when it is submitted for funding, it will be for Seychelles with needs and priorities identified by Seychellois stakeholders.

Among the problems and challenges those taking part in the workshop addressed at length were human resources and capacity building needs, human rights and the role of the media.

Yesterday’s workshop was the first of two being held to provide the basis for designing the new good governance programme.
The second is expected to be held on Thursday May 14 and will be an assessment of the work done so far.

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