Rewarding the best sportsmen and sportswomen-Five sports nominate athletes of the month


They had to hand in the names of their best male and female athletes in the youth (under-18) and senior categories by April 29 and yet only five of them have respected the deadline. They are athletics, basketball, karate, cycling and swimming.

The scheme was introduced to help smooth the final selection process for the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year titles as it is never easy to reward the best in sports.

Sports executive committees have the task of choosing their best athletes and they are being asked to keep a record of the number of wins by each of them, making it easier to make a final choice at the end of the year.

The Athlete of the Month Award scheme is common practice in many parts of the world and it has proved to be effective.
To win the awards, the recipients must have achieved outstanding performances at national, regional or international level during a particular month. 

Athletes of the Month for April:
Athletics: Lissa Labiche, Danny D’Souza (senior), Lissa Labiche, Yannick Ernesta (youth)
Basketball: Lindy Mathiot, Nigel Sinon (senior)
Karate: Gretel Valentin and Jigme Tsultrim (senior)
Cycling: Francis Louis (senior)
Swimming: Shannon Austin, Shane Mangroo (senior), Shannon Austin, Shane Mangroo (youth)

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