Plane aborts flight over engine mishap


The plane returned to Singapore airport, passengers got off normally and no emergency was declared.
The airline’s executive chairman, Captain David Savy, gave the details in an interview yesterday.
“The plane had 137 passengers and nine crew on board,” he said.

 “When the captain noticed there were some abnormal parameters on one of the engines, he decided to shut it down and return on one engine. He taxied back to the stand and passengers got off in a normal fashion and were taken to the departure lounge.
“We are now sending another aircraft to collect those passengers who should arrive here tomorrow (Thursday).”

Captain Savy said he had spoken to the flight captain, who said on inspecting the engine substantial damage was found and it will have to be replaced. The damaged engine will have to go to the manufacturer for inspection.

He said the damage caused a few sparks and flames as metal parts possibly rubbed against each other, but there was no fire outbreak.

The manufacturer will try to find out the cause of the problem, which he said could be anything from ingestion of a foreign body, bird strike or mechanical failure in that engine.

“There was nothing to be alarmed about. The failure was contained within the engine,” said Captain Savy, adding that although the aircraft will have to remain in Singapore, Air Seychelles’ flights will not be affected.

He said the plane returned to Singapore airport 25 minutes after take-off and passengers reported not hearing or feeling anything “although one or two people panicked and were attended to”.

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