Netball: National league championship-Scorpions beat Dynamite


The match started a few minutes late as some of Dynamite’s players were late in arriving. This gave Scorpions a slight advantage at the start as Dynamite started with only five players instead of seven.

This meant their players had to work doubly hard against Scorpions, who were well organised and very fast in attack.

Nevertheless, it was Dynamite who scored first through goal shooter Flossy Bonnelame. They controlled the match for the first 10 minutes but could not keep the Scorpions at bay. By the end of the first 15 minutes of play, the score was tied at 8-8.

The second half was dominated by Scorpions, although Dynamite were at full strength by then.

The third quarter was a more balanced affair with good attacking skills from both sides. But still Dynamite suffered as their defenders got caught in the contact trap and were too close to the Scorpions’ shooters. Scorpions led 19-13 at this stage.

Scorpions kept their lead in spite of a strong challenge in the dying minutes of the game to win the match 31-29.

B-M. M.

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